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Custom, sustainable cell lines

Develop products containing plant natural ingredients according to your requirements.

A range of skincare cosmetic product bottles

Revolutionise how to obtain ingredients from plants

Plant Cell Culture Technology

Enables us to revolutionise the way that plant derived ingredients are produced.

Plant vascular stem cells (VSCs)

Can adapt into functionally and structurally distinct primary plant tissues.

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Emily Naray, a production assistant working at Green Bioactives Ltd
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We are passionate about making a positive impact on the world by developing sustainable plant-based products using our innovative biomanufacturing platforms.


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Illustration to represent Plant Cells

FAQs: Technology

For further information or to speak with one of the team, please get in touch.

What is Plant Cell Culture?

Plant Cell Culture is a biotechnology process that allows plant cells to grow and multiply in a controlled environment.

Is Plant Cell Culture natural?

Plant Cell Culture is an entirely natural process. It starts with the isolation of natural plant molecules and places them in an environment in which they can grow and multiply. 

Is Plant Cell Culture sustainable?

Plant Cell Culture Technology has helped to revolutionise the way that ingredients are produced, using sustainable methods of cultivation without the need to remove trees and habitats.

Can you make a specific ingredient for me using Plant Cell Culture?

Our team can work with you to develop a cell line from any molecule derived from plants. Get in touch to discover how we can support you with product development.

Discover how to develop more sustainable products with Green Bioactives

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