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Ingredient Development: A Personal Perspective by Chris Meaney, Chief Business Officer at Green Bioactives

Chris Meaney
Chief Business Officer
January 9, 2024
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Ingredient Development In Action

Navigating the challenges of sourcing natural ingredients has been a journey close to my heart. Factors like reliability, sustainability, and supply chain costs are more than considerations; they are the essence of our commitment at Green Bioactives. Our patented Plant Cell Culture Technology is a solution to overcoming these challenges.

The Challenge

In my experience, obtaining natural ingredients from certain plants can present economic, environmental, and reliability challenges that demand innovative solutions:

Uneconomical: Low yields and high costs can limit commercial applications, especially with forest harvest constraints, which are often restricted for commercial application and market expansion.

Unsustainable: The environmental impacts of plant harvesting can compromise sustainability and biodiversity.

Unreliable: Supply chain issues hinder availability and reliability.

The Solution

At Green Bioactives, our Plant Cell Culture Technology is not just a solution—it's a commitment to identifying, isolating, and cultivating plant vascular stem cells tailored to our customer's needs. This personalised approach allows us to produce ingredients naturally and sustainably, overcoming challenges in volume and cost.

Benefits of Natural Products derived from Plant Cell Culture:

Economical: Increased yield and reduced cost of goods enable product demand expansion across multiple sectors.

Sustainable: We have the ability to reduce the use of landmass, the amount of water required in the process, as well as the use of environmentally benign pesticides.

Reliable: Consistent specification all year round, a testament to our commitment to reliability.

World-leading: Our processes and products are protected by patents.


Sustainability has shifted from an aspiration to a critical imperative. Businesses are now acknowledging their responsibility and actively prioritising it. The beneficial environmental impacts of plant cell manufacturing at scale are:

✅Climate change extreme weather events impact mitigation

✅Land and water use optimisation for food availability, affordability and equality

✅Sustainable energy utilisation and transportation-related GHG emissions reduction

✅Waste recycling, repurposing and reselling opportunities

✅Life cycle analysis-informed biomanufacturing platform process improvements

 Why Green Bioactives?

For me, Green Bioactives isn't just a company; it's a personal endeavor. Our Plant Cell Culture Technology revolutionises plant-derived ingredient production. We offer sustainable cultivation methods without destroying trees and habitats, ensuring we can naturally and sustainably produce ingredients that may otherwise be challenging to obtain at the required volume.

To delve deeper into how we can personally deliver tailored Plant Cell Culture solutions for your ingredient needs, email us at, and our dedicated team will be in touch.


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