GBL-Skin² Saponin (Quillaja saponaria) is a natural emulsifier for use in cosmetic products that is produced using our highly sustainable Plant Cell Culture Technology.

Chilean Saponin Bark Tree

GBL-Skin² Saponin

GBL-Skin² Saponin is produced from cells of the Chilean Soap Bark Tree. A small sample allows us to naturally develop a high-yielding cell line using Green Bioactives’ proprietary Plant Cell Culture Technology. The result is a natural and highly sustainable emulsifier for use in cosmetic products.



Halal Compliant

Kosher Compliant

Naturally Sourced

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Cover page for the GBL-Skin² product sheet by Green Bioactives

FAQs: GBL-Skin²

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What is GBL-Skin2 Saponin?

GBL-Skin2 Saponin is an emulsifier that contains a variety of saponins originally sourced from the Chilean Soapbark Tree.

How does GBL-Skin² Saponin differ from standard extracts?

GBL-Skin² Saponin utilises Green Bioactives’ proprietary Plant Cell Culture Technology, resulting in a product that is more sustainable than standard extracts.

How is GBL-Skin² Saponin more sustainable?

Plant Cell Culture Technology has helped to revolutionise the way that ingredients are produced, using sustainable methods of cultivation without the need to remove trees and habitats.

Is GBL-Skin² Saponin natural?

Plant Cell Culture Technology is a wholly natural process. It starts with the isolation of natural plant molecules and places them in an environment in which they can grow and multiply.

What is an emulsifier?

An emulsifier is a group of molecules that allow components that do not normally mix to form an emulsion. In cosmetics products, the emulsifier most commonly used contains oil and water.

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