Develop sustainable ingredients with Green Bioactives

At Green Bioactives, we work in partnership with you by combining our plant cell culture expertise and your market knowledge to develop products containing natural ingredients that are right for your customers.

Plant bud growing in a petri dish held in the hand of a lab scientist
Cover page for a white paper on Plant Cell Culture Technology by Green Bioactives Ltd

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Work in partnership with Green Bioactives

We work with SMEs and multinational companies to help develop and manufacture natural plant-derived ingredients for use in nutraceutical and cosmetic products.

Work in partnership with Green Bioactives Ltd

Our Plant Cell Culture Technology allows us to identify, isolate, and cultivate plant vascular stem cells to suit our customers needs. This means we can produce ingredients in a natural and sustainable way that may otherwise be challenging to produce at the required volume or cost.

Discover how our Plant Cell Culture Technology can support you in a consistent and sustainable way.

Sasi Hetti Arachchige, a research associate working with Green Bioactives

How co-development could help you

Product Development

We can develop bioactive molecules from natural plant cells according to your specifications.


We create robust and scalable processes to sustainably biomanufacture plant natural products.

Screen Development and Cell Line Selection

We design tailored product assays to precisely monitor target biomolecule biosynthesis. These provide a simple, reliable and practical means to identify high productivity plant cell lines.

Our sustainable biomanufacturing process

Target plant cell isolation

Cell culture and elicitation

Selection +/- bioengineering

Scale-up +/- GMP

Bio-manufacturing +/- regulatory

Emily Naray, a production assistant working at Green Bioactives Ltd
Illustration to represent Plant Cells
about us


We are passionate about making a positive impact on the world by developing sustainable plant-based products using our innovative biomanufacturing platforms.

How we can help you

Plant sprouting in a petri-dish held by a lab scientist


Our products are developed from natural cells and harvested without destroying trees and habitats.

Sasi Hetti Arachchige, a research associate working with Green Bioactives


Our Plant Cell Culture Technology offers a sustainable option for ingredient production.

Euan McElroy, a production assistant working at Green Bioactives Ltd


Ingredients produced through plant cell culture have a consistent specification profile and predictable yield.

FAQs: Co-development

For further information or to speak with one of the team, please get in touch.

How do I order product from you?

If you are interested in ordering an ingredient from Green Bioactives please email and one of the team will come back to you.

Can you provide product specifications?

All of our products have specification sheets, a certificate of analysis and safety data sheets. If you would like any further information, please email and one of the team will come back to you.

Do you distribute internationally?

Our products are supplied globally either by direct purchase from Green Bioactives or via a local distributor. If you would like more information on how to obtain our products for your local market please send email and one of the team will come back to you.  

Discover how to develop more sustainable products with Green Bioactives

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