Green Bioactives Reports Remarkable Cognitive Benefits of its Newly Launched Memory-boosting Nutraceutical Product, GBL-Memory1

May 30, 2024
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Green Bioactives Reports RemarkableCognitive Benefits of its Newly Launched Memory-boosting Nutraceutical Product,GBL-Memory1

-        A clinical study,published in the journal Food Science and Nutrition, showed that GBL-Memory1,a unique combination of L-theanine and Fructooligosaccharides, can improvememory by up to 10.1%

-         GBL-Memory1 is the first nutraceuticalproduct launched by Green Bioactives

Edinburgh. Scotland, 30 May 2024 - Green Bioactives Limited (GBL), an innovative technologycompany focused on making a positive impact on the world by developingsustainable plant-based products, announces exciting results from a clinicalstudy demonstrating that GBL-Memory1 can improve memory by up to10.1%. GBL has recently launched GBL-Memory1, its first nutraceutical product,to consumers in the UK and Germany.

This study, published in thepeer-reviewed nutrition journal Food Science and Nutrition*, presents compellingfindings as the natural product and health supplement industry looks to providesolutions to address cognitive decline in an increasingly ageing population.

The prevalence of cognitiveimpairment, including mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia, increaseswith age, with the risk doubling every five years after the age of 65. It issuggested that 5-7% of individuals aged 60 or older experience significantcognitive decline each year.

The study, which was led by thelate Gary Loake, a Professor of Molecular Plant Sciences at the University ofEdinburgh and Chief Scientific Officer at Green Bioactives, explored theeffects of taking GBL-Memory1 – a unique complex containingL-theanine and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), over a 30-day period.

120 healthy participants weredivided into two groups with half taking the supplement and half taking aplacebo. There were significant improvements in memory observed in thesupplement group.

The research used the ClinicalMemory Scale to assess the benefits of taking the supplement, which contributeto the improvement in total memory. The areas assessed are improvements indirected memory, associate learning (associative memory), meaningless imagerecognition, graphic memory and portrait retrieval.

GBL-Memory1 is the firstproduct launched by Green Bioactives. and will be available to consumersthrough its brand partners. The first launch will take place in Germany underthe name Memocentrix in May and then be available in the UK from June.

Dr Yuan Li, a co-author on thestudy, added: “GBL-Memory1represents a significant advancement in the realm of cognitive enhancement,offering a natural and effective solution for individuals looking to optimisetheir brain health and cognitive performance.”

Dr David McElroy, CEO of GreenBioactives, stated: "We arethrilled to announce the successful clinical validation and launch of GreenBioactives’ innovative GBL-Memory1 comprising our proprietary blendof L-theanine and Fructooligosaccharides. This milestone underscores ourcommitment to advancing natural, scientifically backed solutions for betterhealth and wellbeing. The significant improvements reported across diversecognitive areas affirms the potential of GBL-Memory1 to make ameaningful positive impact on enhancing memory and to contribute towardsimproving overall brain function."

Rudi Neidhardt, who has been taking GBL-Memory1for the last nine months, shared his positive experiences with the supplement: "SinceI started using GBL-Memory1, I've noticed remarkable improvements inmy daily life. I can now remember where I leave my wallet and keys, and I evenrecall names from my past with ease. Those changes are only the “Tip ofthe iceberg” and its feels like my brain is working better than ten years agoin all areas of recovering and unlocking stored memory. The clarity andconfidence this brings is truly life changing."

Dr Clara Doran, SeniorClinical Investigator at Scottish Brain Sciences, former General Practitionerand brain health expert, said: “This papershows encouraging outcomes for the combination of these two plant-basedingredients, L- theanine and FOS. In today’s fast-paced and multi-taskingworld, there is a great need in finding accessible and natural ways to improvememory, recall and productivity in healthy adults, and future researchregarding these products could help multiple populations, including geriatrics,and women suffering from brain fog in menopause.”



Yuan Li, etal. Improvement of both human andanimal memory by synergy between fructooligosaccharides and L-theanine functionestablishing a safe and effective food supplement, Food Science andNutrition (2024):


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